A unique offering for girls

Mater Christi offers something quite unique to girls in Melbourne's outer east.

Set in the hills of beautiful Belgrave, the heart of Wurundjeri Country, Mater Christi offers something quite unique to girls in the outer east of Melbourne.

The college was established by the Good Samaritan Sisters in 1963, which makes it quite young as far as girls’ schools go.

Mater Christi celebrates what it means to be a girl in a changing world.

The college aspires to educate girls who can take their place in the affairs of society, are not limited by stereotypes and can be true to who they are.

Mater Christi’s motto consists of three words – informed, compassionate and creative.

These words capture the dreams for each and every young person who walks through the school’s doors.

Whatever her pathway, each student will have opportunities to explore her interests and talents, to learn about herself and the world, and to find a place to belong.

Mater Christi has a proactive approach to wellbeing by including social-emotional learning as part of the learning program.

Their curriculum is based on the Middle Years Program of the International Baccalaureate, an internationally recognised framework which caters for a range of learning needs, offering support and challenge where required.

The VCE program is rich and students’ results are a testament to the professionalism and expertise of their teachers.

A girls’ school provides a safe environment to explore identity in the midst of a caring, forward-thinking, service-oriented community.

To register for a college tour, please visit www.materchristi.edu.au.