An excellent upper school program

The school’s aim is far broader than equipping students with a solid VCE result.

Walking into Little Yarra Steiner School, you are immediately immersed in a creative, peaceful, and nurturing learning environment, enhanced by the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains.

The educational model, based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, wholistically meets the developmental stages of the growing child and young person from kindergarten to Year 12.

The school’s aim is far broader than to just equip students with a solid VCE result.

The ethos behind the teaching is to guide students to become flexible and creative thinkers who can work independently with initiative and imagination.

This approach requires students to develop confidence in themselves as learners in a lifelong context.

The wide, rich and varied Steiner curriculum supports this learning profile in every respect.

Inherent within the upper school program is the opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the world around them through cross curricular main lesson work that spans architecture, music, geometry, literature, philosophy, mathematics, current affairs, modern scientific concepts in physics, chemistry and biology, history, astronomy and many other topics.

Students develop their analytical thinking, reflection, listening skills and confidence in their academic and creative work through the considered and thoughtful way the teachers deliver both the VCE and Steiner curriculum programs.

The rich camps program, international exchange program, independent VCE project and Little Yarra Music Ensemble, embed an understanding of the importance of living within, and participating in one’s local, national and international community, and through this an understanding that each individual brings gifts to be valued and respected.

Drama, music and movement bring a greater awareness of oneself and others and strengthen these skills, both for future learning and to cultivate a sense of responsibility for each other and for our world.

Graduates from last year all successfully completed and received a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

Every student who elected to go on to tertiary education was successful in gaining offers of direct entry to courses commencing this year.

Little Yarra Steiner School can be tremendously proud of the young people who progress through the school and graduate to go on to greater things, secure in the knowledge that the education they received will equip them well for whatever life adventures they might choose to embark upon.