Gymbaroo Mooroolbark

    Address: 76 Brice Ave

    Phone: 9726 8740
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      Sessions run for 45 minutes from BabyROO [ 6 weeks ] through Toddler groups to 3 years. Pre School Readiness [ 3 – 4 yrs] and School Sensory Perceptual Motor Program [ 4 – 6 yrs ] 1 hour. However we are notorious for running overtime when we are having so much FUN. Sessions have been carefully designed by highly qualified, experienced Staff, with Parental input and by observing children over the past 32 years to have evolved into the program of today.. Sessions begin with EXPLORATORY FREE PLAY on our specially designed Equipment which is set up differently each week to afford the children repetitive and new challenges. The BUBBLE BELL will ring to bring the children over an obstacle trail to come together for STRUCTURED MAT TIME – catching Bubbles, Hello, Body Awareness Exercises, Partner Activity, Tactile Massage, Upside Down, Dance, weekly surprise in Treasure Bag and Stamp on Right hand, foot for Essential Skill Development with Small Equipment, back onto Large Equipment for more specific activities. The bell calls us back to choose a colour to sit on the parachute for Musical Instruments, Parachute Games, colour matching balloons and closing with our Songs and Rhymes of the day.
      Age appropriate Parent Information sheets are handed out to put in a Folder to build into a valuable reference library, PLUS a new GymbaROO “ First Steps “ Magazine each term. We are all enjoying a GREAT 2017.
      Mooroolbark Community Centre is located on Brice Ave, up the Park land end near Hull Rd, Melways Reference 37 H 12. Between the two small buildings close to the road is the playground and behind this is a large architecturally designed building, in which we utilize the whole main hall. Parking entry is between the back of the shops and the Senior’s Room, either along beside or right up around the rear of the centre.
      Marion Stott

      (03) 9726 8740

      Mooroolbark 2017 Term 3 – Colours of the Sky
      18th July to 21st September
      Course Name Stage Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
      Platypus BabyROO non mobile – rolling (Jan – Apr 2017) 01:15
      Goanna BabyROO tummy crawling (Oct – Dec 2016) 01:15 12:45 12:45
      Wombat BabyROO tummy crawling (Apr – Sep 2016) 12:45 12:45
      Penguin & Parrot new walkers new talkers (born Oct 15 to Mar 16) 10:00 09:30 09:30
      Koala clever climbers (turning 2 during 2017) 11:00 10:30 10:30
      Wallaby bobbing along (2.5 in the 1st half 2017) 12:00 11:30 11:30
      Kangaroo 1 hour bound into learning (3 in 2017) 12:00 11:30 11:30
      Possum & Emu 1 hour Sensory Perceptual Motor Program (4 or 5 year old) 12:00 11:30 11:30
      Mothers Groups – Play Groups EXCURSIONS 02:00 01:30 01:30
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